Airborne Camera own and operate a range of DJI Aircraft, DJI is the world leader in drone equipment.

We select the aircraft based on the task required, all aircraft have HD cameras installed to provide the highest quality images and video, our Inspire 2 aircraft, for example, can be equipped with a number of lenses and capable of 5K video production suitable for the film and TV industry.

We have Enterprise aircraft with specialist cameras for carrying out specialist roles such as thermal imaging or search and rescue operations. 

Aircraft can be kitted out with lights, sound and drop systems, to drop essential survival equipment to stranded individuals or groups while ground or air based rescue is provided.

Our current fleet consists of:

  • DJI Inspire 2 - Long flight time with upto 5K shooting
    • Dual operator availability consisting of a pilot and a camera operator
    • High performance for high speed tracking
    • Big platform for stable operation in difficult weather
    • SDI Output for direct live feeds for TV broadcast
    • PRORES Capture suitable for film & TV.
    • 3D topographic scanning of large areas, ideal for area measurement, of ground, buildings land etc.
    • X5S with interchangeable lenses or X4S camera.
  • DJI Mavic 3 Cine
    • 5K shooting in full HD - Hasselblad Camera
    • Apple ProRes DLOG HLG Capable
    • Ultra portable for difficult to access locations
    • Unique Dual lens system, 4/3 sensor for main camera and a smaller 'zoom' (x28) camera
    • Excellent flight times
  • DJI Mavic Enterprise Dual
    • Equipped with thermal imaging sensors for 'hot spot' identification
    • Can be rigged with powerful lights and sound system for SAR operations
    • Strobe lights for areas where enhanced visibility required
  • DJI Mini-3 
    • Ultra light aircraft, ideal for use in city centre locations
    • Requires less set-up and authorisations due to its light weight
    • Useful for use as a 'pre-flight' to scout locations prior to setting up a larger drone
    • Ideal for roof inspections.
    • Small size make it ideal for indoor work.
  • DJI FPV & DJI Avata
    • Add a dynamic twist to footage, First Person View
    • Ideal for a birds eye prospective for flyover shots
    • Adds a 'dynamic flying' feel  to productions

We can also hire in additional aircraft should the job require it.