All drone tasks are different and require separate plans for each stage of the operation. This is why Airborne Camera offers a free quotation for the task. We have included base costs below, repeat business for similar tasks can be discounted, contact us for more information.

You tell us where the job is and a basic outline, expected timeframe when you require our services. We will do a 'desk assessment' of the area and identify issues that may arise from the location. We will then prepare a quotation based on the information provided.

During the day of the job we will provide rushes of the images and video produced so you can assess and we can make adjustments to the shooting to ensure you are happy with the results.

The basis of our charges are as below, no job is the same which is why we provide no obligation quotations  

Maximum time onsite is 10 hours per day, travel to and from site @ £25.00/hr billed in 15 min increments.

Airborne Camera is authorised to carry out night operations, the is no additional charges for shooting at night, additional insurance may be required.

If the shoot is more than two hours travelling time from our base, then overnight accommodation may be required and will be recharged to the client at cost, reasonable subsistence costs will be charged to the client and will be agreed before hand.

Airborne Camera maintains a state of the art fleet, occasionally additional or specialised aircraft are required these will be hired at cost and payment for the hire to be paid in full before the shoot takes place. 

Call us for a no obligation quote, see the contact page for details.